BIKE Travel BAG hire

When travelling with your bike, the last thing you want is for it to turn up damaged

But we've all seen how those baggage handlers treat bags at the airport right. The best way to prevent this is to use purpose built, high quality bike bags guaranteed to protect you pride and joy from any unwanted damage

Here at Hit Bikes we offer a bag hire program which provides access to EVOC Bike Travel Bags for your next trip


Weekend Hire (up to 3 days) - $50

Weekly Hire (up to 7 days) - $100

Longer periods of hire can be arranged, contact us for more details


  • all bags are fully maintained by our professional workshop and are given pre and post hire checks 
  • bags are supplied with an EVOC chain cover to be used on drivetrain whilst bag is in use
  • bags are setup for mountain bike transport and can fit up to 29er wheel bikes, road bikes can be packed but will require additional floor stand for correct installation (additional charge applies)

For full details of bike bag hire terms and conditions, or to book your hire, please contact us on