MTB ride/skills instruction/performance coaching
Learn new skills, techniques and improve your riding through professional coaching sessions and programs delivered by our team of passionate mtb riders. All Hit Bikes coaches are PMBIA & MTBA coach certified, First Aid qualified, QLD government Blue Card holders (for working with children) and fully insured, so be confident that the coaching you receive is from the best knowledge base possible.

The backbone of our skills coaching service is the "HIT BIKES TOTAL RIDER PROGRAM" which is a 9 week intensive course that covers all of the key components to take your riding to a whole new level. Just to whet your appetite, some of the key mtb skills covered include.... braking, body position, climbing, cornering, trail scanning and cadence - all mixed in with some fun manoeuvre coaching to learn wheel lifts, roll downs, bunny hops and much more. This program has an emphasis on quality ride time on the trails to learn and really develop the new skills under the watchful eye of your coach. We are so confident in the benefits of this program that we offer a money back guarantee on it, so get booked in now and ride better than ever in just 9 weeks....



mobility & flexibility sessions
The key to riding well is to have sufficient mobility to enable quick and efficient movement on and around the bike. Our mobility and flexibility focused sessions are designed to address movement restrictions and deficiencies commonly experienced by riders. Sessions are 20-30mins and are recommended before a ride to experience the immediate benefit of these mobility strategies to our riding.

strength training

Strength is an often overlooked component of riding but is vital to your ability to control and manoeuvre the bike through the constantly changing terrain experienced when riding off road. Whilst cycling is typically regarded as a lower body dominant activity, mtb riding challenges the upper body in a unique way that other forms of cycling does not, therefore we believe in a fully integrated whole body approach to developing strength and power for riding.


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