Here at Hit Bikes we have taken the hard work out of finding high quality, premium products for you by carefully selecting partners that align with our overall mission 'to bring high quality service, products and advice' to the riding community.

These brands represent the very best available riding equipment and accessories, which is why we have total confidence in the products we have available for you. There is no better representation of this than the fact the Hit Bikes team all ride, wear and equip ourselves for the trails with the products available instore. 

The trails are the real proving ground... Not the carpark


Kona make mountain bikes for the excitement of adventure and because they take you to amazing places. It’s why Kona mountain bikes are built to do it all in any circumstance, from downhill to dirt jump, cross-country to crosstrail, enduro and all-mountain to just exploring and getting lost. Born on Pacific Northwest trails in USA, Kona mountain bikes are built to explore and expand your idea of what is possible.

Designed in the UK, proven worldwide... started 19 years ago with just one radical bike but now with a fleet of award winning mountain bikes that have reset benchmarks of what is possible in frame design and bike building. Constantly innovating and with such features as single chainring only design, weather proof ports and seals for cables and seat posts, quad4 suspension design along with unparalleled trail handling characteristics.

The journey started in 2016 creating the NORDEST Cycles brand and developing the first model, Bardino - an aggressive all mountain steel hardtail. The range has expanded into other frames specialising in using CrMo 4130 steel and Ti3Al2.5V titanium. The brand’s identity is inspired by the wild region of “Tras-os-Montes”, in the north-east of Portugalhead badge symbolizes a “Careto”, a traditional element of the transmontane Carnival.


Team Shimano is comprised of people all over the world, working together to fulfil a dream in which more people ride bikes and the bikes they ride shift better and perform better overall. Shimano have devoted their resources to meeting as many individual riding needs as possible, creating the widest range of high quality bicycle components in the world.


Local surf inspired bike gear for freeride, downhill, enduro and all mountain riding. Gear that is based on a philosophy that amazing fabric, a good fit and common sense technical features makes for great bike clothing. The products are cut using simple lines and have a street/surf wear influence in their design so you feel like you are wearing normal clothes, however highly technical.


Known for their innovative products and exceptional manufacturing, Praxis Works had developed into the go to brand for quality drivetrain components that offer great performance and value. With headquarters in Santa Cruz, California the team ensure they are ahead of the game with new products that are designed for riders.


The name stands for EVOlution Concept and it reflects the product and design expertise that goes into the premium range of backpacks, bike bags and accessories. 


DT Swiss products are known for their precision and reliability and are developed with the aim of offering reliable components for an unforgettable riding experience for every rider and every terrain. The art of Swiss engineering and innovation have played a crucial role in DT Swiss’ rapid development from a simple spoke producer to the world's leading provider of spokes, nipples, rims, hubs, wheels and suspension systems. Driven by their passion for cycling, more than 600 employees work at a total of six sites around the world to ensure that DT Swiss products set the standard.