design your dream bike from start to finish

Collaboration and consultation is the key to this process, to ensure the end result is the bike you picture in your head.

Here at Hit Bikes we take plenty of time, along with careful consideration to learn about your riding style, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and preferences. This blends with our skills and industry knowledge to create a plan to design and build your ultimate bike.

We source the frame, components and everything required to make the build a reality, then complete it all in house at our workshop here in Moffat Beach.

Whether you have been planning this as long as you can remember and have everything already picked out, or if it's a totally new concept, Hit Bikes can make the dream become a reality. What a great experience and way to stand out on the trails..... 



Hit Bikes has 3 distinctly different build kit options available for you to choose from:

  • GREEN - this is our entry level build kit option, with a selection of components and equipment that is designed to be a strong and reliable performer without breaking the bank, but still having that custom build credibility

  • BLUE - this is a step up from the Green build kit, with improvements in drivetrain, brake system, wheels and cockpit to create a more refined build, great performance and value is the key to this build kit

  • BLACK - this is the top level build kit option and is the essence of custom bike building, by using high quality components that have been carefully matched together to create a true riding experience you are assured high performance, excellent reliability along with a standout design....

Call 07 5491 7960 or email to book your personal bike consultation

Man I couldn’t stop riding the bike... This thing is as fast as frigging stink, mate you need to write down the recipe for this bike, memorise it then burn it. Everybody that rides this bike will want one. This is the 357 Magnum with laser sights of mtb bikes. Point, squeeze the trigger, shoot and blow the mofos away. Never ridden a bike so damn fast in the tight single stuff, it really is exceptional. I’ve ridden many big dollar rigs with all the latest spec gear and this was so much more predictable in the steering, it finds traction in fast corners where there is little, it’s extremely nimble and agile, responds to the smallest changes in body language, holds a confident arc in the longer corners and leans over easily to push the bars to the ground. You’ve built a damn F1....
You’ve done an amazing job of spec matching and building this bike to suit me, it’s by far the fastest XC bike I’ve ever ridden in 27 years of MTB. You really are onto something here with the custom build deals. You can’t buy a bike like mine, it’s a one off built just for me so if you want something this fast and personal then you’ve got to get it from Hit Bikes...
Don’t forget to get me the Hit Bikes stickers to put on my forks, how’s anybody supposed to know where the guy who just passed them gets his bikes from!!
— Matt - local trail legend & CORCA member