• Ferny Forest (map)
  • 2310 Steve Irwin Way
  • Landsborough, QLD, 4550
  • Australia

Family friendly MTB ride with coaching

Join our professionally certified MTB coach Geoff as he takes you for a fun and educational ride through one of the great trail networks we have here on the Sunshine Coast... Ferny Forest

This ride is open to all ages with parents highly encouraged to ride along with their children and experience the joys of outdoor MTB based activities. Come and see what all the kids are raving about.... it's great fun!

During the ride the following things will be covered:

  • basic bike setup
  • ride safety and trail etiquette
  • MINI LESSON - efficient climbing
  • MINI LESSON - cadence & pedalling 

Cost is $20 per person or $30 per parent & child combo