• Hit Bikes (map)
  • Shop A, 45 Roderick Street
  • Moffat Beach
  • Australia

MTB Mobility Session & Ride

The key to riding well is having confidence in your body to be agile, mobile and strong to handle the bike and the terrain you are riding.

This weekly event is a MTB focused mobility and flexibility session to keep the aches and pains associated with riding at bay and to develop some improvements in mobility and flexibility.

Meet at Hit Bikes for a 6am start, with the mobility session taking 20-30mins, we will then head out on the trails for a training ride (up to 60mins) to experience the benefits of riding when properly mobilised and prepared.

This is a FREE session, so come and join us to learn how to get more #RAD on your bike by improving the most important part of your bike - YOU!